2 days minimum
Bicycle on train
Foldable bicycle

Swedish south-west coast: Kattegattleden

Trip description

Kattegattleden was chosen as the "Cycle Route of the Year" in Europe 2018. This is a fantastic 390km coastal bike route that hugs the west coast of Sweden, and is easily accessible from other countries. Here you can find useful information, practicalities and tips on the route.

Travel by train

From Hamburg, it is possible to travel to Malmo by night train. You can choose to start your bike trip in Malmo, or you can take a local or regional train to Helsingborg, where Kattegattleden officially starts. Night trains to Malmö are operated by both Swedish railways and Snälltåget.

Bring your bike

SJ and Snälltåget do not allow regular bicycles on on their trains. One option is to bring a foldable bike, another option is to dismantle a regular bike and pack it tightly. The regulations by SJ state that the maximum size is 140x85x30 cm.