TrainBikeTouring - traveling by train and bike

TrainBikeTouring is a flexible and climate-friendly way to travel, with countless opportunities to create new adventures. All you need is a train line and access to a bicycle. At this moment, train operators have slightly different conditions for bringing a full-sized bike on a train. Foldable bikes can be taken on all trains. You can also rent a bike on location, closer to your trip. In this site, you can find out about different ways to tour by train and bike, and which train operators permit regular bikes on their lines. You can also find some tips on accomodation and inspiration on routes on the page "Plan your trip, pack your bags": Planera din resa, packa väskorna

Foldable bike

The foldable bike might be the most flexible option for a spontaneous trip on a train and two wheels. You can travel on any train, providing that you have a ticket, without being limited by the rules of a train. Not necessarily new, foldable bikes now come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are designed for commuting in cities, others for comfort and ease of use if you travel regularly. It is possible to pack bags and customize foldable bikes so that they are also more robust for longer tours. Just fold your bike and store it securly in a cover, and you're good to go. To combine comfort, robustness and ease of use, electric foldable bikes are becoming a more appealing option. If you click here you can find more information on hiring, sharing or buying foldable bicycles.

Rent a bike

Under the touring tips tab, you can find trips where it is possible to rent a bike on location. This is often the case in larger cities or more established cycling routes, and worth googling for lesser known trips also! Rental bikes are most convenient for round-trips where you can hire and return your rental at the same location. Some trips though, such as legs of larger routes or established cycle paths, can organize a return for your bike at other locations. Alternatively, you can split your trip as a TrainBikeTour, cycling in one direction and hopping on the train back. Electric bikes are available as a rental option, and there are increasing options to rent child seats and touring trailors.

Bring your bike along on the Train

Perhaps you would like to take your own electric or pedal bicycle. Below is a list of whether train companies allow you to bring your bike (all allow folding bikes). If you click on the company/country below for information on current rules on advance booking and more.

Europe south of Scandinavia

Train company Allows Bike Possibly Bikes not allowed
The Netherlands

For other countries, click here and see under Touring information.


Train company Allows Bike Possibly Bikes not allowed
Flixtrain Sth-Gbg
Stockholms lokaltrafik


Train company Allows Bike Possibly Bikes not allowed
SJ Nord


Train company Allows Bike Possibly Bikes not allowed
DSB Danmark
DSB International (Summer)

Per%20t%C3%A5gcykelkarta%20bild%20204 Click here for more comprehensive information on train companies in Scandinavia.

Cykelfrämjandet and others lobby for the possibility to bring bicycles on trains. There are EU requirements that all new and converted trains must have space for bicycles. In Sweden, SJ has ordered 25 new high-speed trains that have room for bicycles, to be delivered in 2026.