About us

We love to travel, but see the need to reduce our emissions from flying. To do this, we need to find alternatives that are both environmentally friendly and exciting. During 2022 we got together to explore the idea of travelling by train and bike. Over time our energy grew and grew. We decided to try to spread the idea of TrainBikeTouring beyond our social circles – this website is a step to do this!

We would love to collaborate with other who are exploring how to travel by bike and train. Be sure to share your tips and travels, as well as your unforgettable experiences along the way. You can get in contact with us through Facebookgruppen or send us a mail.

Jörgen Larsson

Loves not only to experience outdoor adventures, but also to plan them. During the week he researches sustainable consumption at Chalmers University of Technology.

Fredrik Warberg

Likes to work out the first stage of a tour and then take it as it comes. Works part time as a freelance sustainability professional.

Gavin McCrory